Greece travel guide

Greece is not just a conservatory of ancient ruins, no matter how beautiful, and is not limited to its distant, prestigious past. Greece has a lot to offer anyone who knows how to think outside the box. In other words, it would be a pity to limit oneself to a circuit that could not be more classical, that of archaeological sites, without pushing the curiosity a little further. Cross roads are made to be borrowed.
The change of scenery is actually where there is nothing to see. It is in the lost places of Greece that we still have the chance to be welcomed in the respect of the Greek tradition, that of philoxenia, the traditional “hospitality” of the Greeks, which still exists in certain  forgotten places.

This small country is in fact immense: on the continent, the territories are divided by the mountains and the islands are as many miniature countries, with the own identity, that one invites you to discover (this guide of the mainland Greece in details about ten who are close to the continent).
Of course, Greece is still suffering from an economic crisis – and moral … But do not stop at all that the print media or television could say about these “curious” Greeks – curious, at least to eyes of quite a lot of Northern Europeans who judge them rather severely. Show yourself also curious, in the other sense of the term, to go beyond and discover a population that has the vocation of the welcome and will wish to exchange with you on many subjects … Despite all the difficulties, if l Judging by the tourist attendance of recent years, the country keeps intact its power of attraction, and that’s good!


Athens is, of course with its extraordinary monuments, museums with exceptional collections, fruits of a history that skips the millennia.
It is also a bubbling, popular atmosphere, both Mediterranean and European, as singular as it is typical of today’s capitals.
A city with multiple identities, to which each neighborhood brings its tone. From the picturesque alleys of Plaka rolled up at the foot of the Acropolis to the profusion of market halls, the winding streets of Psiri stuffed with neobistrots variegated with those of Exarchia the libertarian or Gazi the trendy, Athens, the Greek capital, refuses to let down under the blows of a crisis that never stops to get worse.
Athens is obviously a city with a tumultuous history. In fact, a great fifty years especially glorious will have been enough to ensure an eternal fame.

Thanks to Josh from Painters North Lakes for the tips who is a Greek Australian who visits his beautiful homeland twice a year.

How to choose the best hotel

There are a series of factors that can help you pick up the best hotel for business meetings or a holiday. Five principal factors are mentioned below:

Location : You should zero in on a particular hotel depending upon the purpose of visit, which can be official or unofficial. For instance, if you are going for a relaxed holiday you should prefer a hotel that is situated in a peaceful location. After limiting your choice of hotel accommodations you should consider the surroundings of the hotel in question. The surroundings include nearby tourist spots, restaurants, shopping areas, laundry facilities, etc.

Hotel Amenities : You must find out everything about the services being provided by the hotel administration before landing in. You must know which services you need and should choose the hotel that has the caliber to cater to all your needs.

Hotel Ratings, Reviews and Testimonials : You can search online how former guests have rated a particular hotel of your choice. You can read their reviews and get an idea about the hotel’s services and reputation.

Hotel Price, discounts and specials : You should choose that hotel that offers maximum quality services at minimum amount of money. You should take into consideration those hotel services which you desire to have the most during your stay. If you get these services at one place and are willing to sacrifice other services offered by different hotels, you may choose the former hotel. You should also check out the accessibility of special offers and discounts.

Parking and transportation system : Consider the kind of shuttle services the hotel offers to its clients. If the hotel does not offer good transportation service then find out what mode of public transport are available near the hotel and determine if you can afford it or not. If you are going to hire a car, check out the parking area of the hotel.

In case you are planning to visit Torquay in your next holiday trip to UK and finding Hotels in Torquay then the Hotel Torquay is one of the best hotels to stay in. The hotel provides top-notch conveniences to its customers to impart them an overwhelming holiday experience. The hotel has neat and clean premises, mouth-watering food and drinks, excellent parking area, brisk shuttle services and an exclusive location. The hotel price is reasonable and worth its services.

Cruise vacations: best destinations around the world

There has never been a better time to hit the high seas for a cruise vacation. An estimated 38.4 million passengers will be cruising the world’s waters in 2018 in search of a remarkable vacation.

According to Cruise Market Watch, the worldwide cruise capacity is up almost 7 percent in 2018, as cruise lines add new ships to boost their lines. And with the additional space, some cruise lines are offering value pricing so the new space and the existing spaces are booked.

There are plenty of short-range cruises available for a quick getaway:

A three-night cruise to the Bahamas for just $199. You’ll see Miami, Fla., Nassau and Norwegian Private Island.

Or maybe you would like a five-night cruise to the Western Caribbean, starting in Miami and traveling to Ocho Rios and the Grand Cayman – all for $359 per adult passenger.

Or for $489 per adult passenger, go the other direction toward the Eastern Caribbean for a seven-night cruise to Miami, Samana, St. Thomas, Tortola and Great Stirrup Cay.

Or, if you want to start on the West Coast, consider a seven-day cruise from Los Angeles, Calif., to Mexico. For $499 per adult passenger, you can enjoy stops in Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas and then back to Los Angeles.

These cruises offer just a taste of the quick-trips available from U.S. ports of call. There are plenty of other ventures on both sides of the coast to experience. But with cruising so hot this year, this may be the time to try a trip that’s a bit more alluring – someplace off the Caribbean track.

How about a seven-night cruise to Australia and New Zealand for just $759 per adult passenger. You start in Sydney, Australia, and will continue on to Noumea and Isle of Pines, both islands making up New Caledonia.

Starting for around $1,000 per person, you can take a 12-day cruise to Latin America and see sites you’ve only heard about in an atlas. The trip starts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and includes Montevideo, Urugyay; Falkland Islands; a sail by Cape Horn, a stop in Ushuaia, Argentina; a cruising tour of Romanche & Alemania glaciers and the Cockburn & Beagle Channels; a stop in Punta Arenas; passage through the Strait of Magellan; a cruise through the Amalia Glacier Canal and passage through the Darwin Channel Chilean Fjords. The trip concludes in Santiago, Chile.

Want to go the Far East? How about a five-night cruise of Asia, starting at $1,045 a person. You will start in Hong Kong, China; travel on to Sanya, China; and then head onto Hue and Hanoi, Vietnam; before ending back up in Hong Kong.

Got dreams of seeing the South Pacific? Consider the $1,595 10-day South Pacific cruise. It will take you to places most people only read about: Tahiti, Rangiroa and Bora Bora – all in French Polynesian.